In the present world expatriates often live under high pressure. In this context a thorough personality assessment and tailor made training and coaching, before, during and after a period abroad is a mere necessity.

By expatriates we mean people who, for employment reasons, temporarily live and work abroad, like missionaries, development workers, humanitarian aid workers, business managers and consultants, as well as their spouse and children who accompany them.

InTransit screens people in the process of selection and preparation. In the assessment report the personality is described. The implications of certain traits and behavioural tendencies for living and working in a foreign culture are discussed. Recommendations for further preparation and support are made.

InTransit advises individuals, sending agencies and companies who have questions about crosscultural psychological processes and transition processes (both when leaving one’s own country and at re-entry). Also the spouse and children get attention.

InTransit offers training and workshops in the field of crosscultural psychology. Participants are trained theoretically and practically in subjects related to living and working abroad and the transition experience. Subjects are: assessment and attrition prevention, re-entry, coping with stress and culture shock, living and working in a multicultural team, expatriate family life, trauma and trauma counselling, debriefing.

Tailor-made training on the field (click here) - opens as pdf

InTransit debriefs expatriates: a personal debriefing after a field period, aimed at helping to integrate the experience into their life as a whole; or trauma debriefing taking place after a traumatic experience (e.g. natural disaster, accident, violent incident).

InTransit offers treatment and therapy to expatriates and repatriates for psychosocial and crosscultural problems e.g. burnout, depression, acculturation, adjustment problems, posttraumatic stress, anxiety, marital problems, re-entry, Third Culture Kid problems.